Shadows Over Innistrad Midnight Release


Attention Magic Players! At Midnight, April 8th will have the madness release for Shadows Over Innistrad!
Doors will open at 12 A.M.
All the new product will be available – Booster Boxes, Booster Packs, Fat Packs and Starer Decks!

There will also Midnight Draft!! Sign ups will star at 12 A.M. and the draft will start at 12:30
For more info or any questions please give us a call at 619-281-1600

Anniversary Sale and New Hours!

anniversary sale

April 1st is our anniversary…no fooling!  It’s also the launch of our new 7-day a week schedule!  From Friday, April 1st to Monday, April 4th we are having storewide sales!  Take 25% off of almost every regularly priced item in the store!*

We are also going to be open on Mondays, starting April 4th!  New hours are also rolling out, they are as follows:

Mondays: 12pm-8pm
Tuesdays:  10am – 9pm
Wed-Thurs: 10am-10pm
Fri-Sat:  10am – 11pm
Sun:  11am – 9pm

*Certain exclusions apply (already discounted back issues, individual dice, single cards under $5, etc)
*Discounts do not stack (customer pull, military, FiveStars, etc)

DC Unveils ‘Rebirth’ Starting in May

Yup, DC is at it again!  Here we have the new titles that will be running and re-leased through the summer and fall.  Update your pull lists, everyone!  It’s gonna be a heck of a ride!

After the release of the #52 issues of the “New 52,” which will ship in May, the relaunch will kick off with an 80-page DC Universe:  Rebirth one-shot, written by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, which will street May 25.  DC Universe:  Rebirth will feature art by Ethan Van Sciver, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, and Gary Frank on the Johns story.

The 80-page special will be value-priced at $2.99, the beginning of a value positioning that will see all DC Universe monthly and twice monthly titles priced at $2.99.  The special at the end of May will be followed by relaunches of the full DCU line, some to be published twice monthly, others to be published monthly.

And in a move that will undoubtedly please long-time collectors, DC is returning to the original numbering for its two original flagship titles, Action Comics andDetective ComicsAction Comics will resume with #957, and Detective with #934.  With both among the titles planned for twice monthly shipping, they will quickly reach the landmark #1000 issues.

Other than the two titles resuming their legacy numbering, the relaunched titles will begin with #1 Rebirth issues, then follow with a first issue for the ongoing series.  DC has revealed 32 titles in all, scheduled as follows:


Rebirth Specials:
Aquaman Rebirth #1
Batman Rebirth #1
The Flash Rebirth #1
Green Arrow Rebirth #1
Green Lanterns Rebirth #1
Superman Rebirth #1
Titans Rebirth #1
Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):
Aquaman #1
Batman #1
The Flash #1
Green Arrow #1
Green Lanterns #1
Superman #1
Wonder Woman #1

New Issues (Shipping twice monthly):
Action Comics #957
Detective Comics #934


Rebirth Specials:
Batgirl & the Birds Of Prey Rebirth #1
Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1
The Hellblazer Rebirth #1
Justice League Rebirth #1
Nightwing Rebirth #1
Red Hood & the Outlaws Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):
Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #1
Justice League #1
Nightwing #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):
Batgirl #1
Batgirl & the Birds Of Prey #1
The Hellblazer #1
Red Hood & the Outlaws #1
The Super-Man #1
Titans #1


Rebirth Specials:
Batman Beyond Rebirth #1
Blue Beetle Rebirth #1
Cyborg Rebirth #1
Deathstroke Rebirth #1
Earth 2 Rebirth #1
Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
Supergirl Rebirth #1
Teen Titans Rebirth #1
Trinity Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):
Cyborg #1
Deathstroke #1
Harley Quinn #1
Justice League America #1
Suicide Squad #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):
Batman Beyond #1
Blue Beetle #1
Earth 2 #1
Gotham Academy: Next Semester #1
Supergirl #1
Superwoman #1
Super Sons #1
Teen Titans #1
Trinity #1

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio laid out the rationale for the relaunch.  “Rebirth is designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future,” he said.  “We are returning to the essence of the DCU. With Rebirth we are putting the highest priority on the direct market and we will continue to create and cultivate new opportunities for retailers to thrive and prosper, grow readers, fans and customers.”

MTG Game Day for Oath of the Gatewatch



Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day will be held at Villainous Lair on Saturday, February 13th.

Sign ups will start at 11 A.M. and tournament will start at 12 P.M.

Format will be standard and the buy in will be $5 per person.

Our max is 30 players and first come first serve.

Change of hours!

Just in case you aren’t subscribed to our mailing list, our hours are changing this month.  Nothing major!  Just a shift on Sunday.  As some of you know, our dear Merc Kody is getting deployed this month.  He will be gone for quite a few months.  In order to make sure we can maintain our hours for employees and not overworking them, we are making a decision cut down one hour on Sunday.  We will now be open 11am to 10pm on Sunday…but fear not!   That’s enough time to wakeup late, grab McDonald’s breakfast, and roll over to play your favourite games in the 11 hours we are open!

For pre-release this month, we will be open at 10am on Sunday, as that time was announced before we knew about Kody and the hour change.

Thanks for understanding, everyone!  🙂

~*It’s That Time of Year Again!*~

That’s right!  The 13 Days of Villainy Holiday Sales are back!

Starting Dec. 10, and running everyday we are open until Dec. 24!

Everyday there will be a different promotion or sale announced on social media, so be sure to follow us on everything!

The sales are as follows:

Dec 10th– Two Face: Flip a coin for a discount. Heads is 10% off entire purchase or Tails for 25% off a single item

Dec 11th– Magneto: Buy two graphic novels get one free

Dec 12th– Darkseid: 10% off all purchases

Dec 13th– Beholder: Buy 1 RPG book or accessory and get another of equal or lesser value for 50% off

Dec 15th– The Collector: 20% off SDCC items and statues

Dec 16th– Professor Pyg: 15% off action figures and miniatures

Dec 17th–  Ice King: Kids stuff is buy one get one 50%

Dec 18th– Darth Vader: Show us your best “force choke pic” on social media to get a 15% discount.
Be sure to tag #13DaysOfVillainy

Dec 19th– Tzeentch: Roll a D20, and get that percent off!!

Dec 20th– Dollmaker: Funko Pops are buy one, get one free.

Dec 22nd– Doctor Doom: 20% off all purchases BY DECREE OF DOOM!!

Dec 23– Grand Master: Start with 10% off purchase. Roll a standard d12 for additional percent off!

If you roll a 12 you’ll get a grand total of 25% off your purchase!!

Dec 24th– CHRISTMAS WITH THE JOKER: 25% off all purchases!!

We hope you will join us as we give back to you, our loyal minions, who allow us to continue our villainous ways!

Happy Holidays!