Walking Dead Psychology Book Signing

The Walking Dead Psychology Book Signing! @ Villainous Lair Comics & Gaming Edit
Aug 5 @ 5:00pm – 7:00pm
The Walking Dead Psychology Book Signing! @ Villainous Lair Comics & Gaming | San Diego | California | United States
Join us as we welcome the authors of the Unauthorized Book, Walking Dead Psychology. Meet and greet with New York Times best selling author; Alan Kistler (author of Dr. Who: A History), Billy San Juan, and San Diego’s own Dr. Janina Scarlet. They will be on hand to sign their book, as well as talk with customers. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Aim for the brain!
The characters of The Walking Dead live in a desolate post-apocalyptic world, filled with relentless violence and death. In reality, how would such never-ending trauma affect the psyche? By understanding the psychological forces that drive the series’ action, fans can better grasp this compelling fictional universe. Is the Governor a psychopath, a sociopath, or something even worse? Which characters suffer PTSD and is there hope for them? What does Terror Management Theory tell us about what it means to constantly fight for survival–as the survivors must? What is the emotional cost of killing a walker or even another living person? What is groupthink and how does it affect the decisions made by the people of Woodbury, Terminus, Alexandria, and the group Rick takes on as family? In 19 chapters from a range of esteemed contributors, plus “Case Files” sidebars by editor Travis Langley with a foreword by Night of the Living Dead co-creator John Russo, The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead answers these and many other questions in a way sure to fascinate the show’s millions of passionate readers and viewers.
Contributors include:
John Blanchar * Megan Blink * Colt J. Blunt * Josue Cardona * Adam Davis * William Blake Erickson * Frank Gaskill * Jennifer Golbeck * Jonathan Hetterly * Katrina Hill * Alan Kistler * Dana Klisanin * Stephen Kuniak * Martin Lloyd * Stephanie Norman * Patrick O’Connor * Katherine Ramsland * Clay Routledge * John Russo * Billy San Juan * Janina Scarlet * Steven Schlozman * Lara Taylor * Dave Vergaagen * Mara Wood * E. Paul Zehr *

Fun Events for the Week!

We have a very fun couple of events here at Villainous Lair this week!

Thursday, the 23rd, at 5pm, we will have a representative from AEG Games here to play games, run demos, and hand out prizes! He is also bringing pizza and drinks. This event is FREE to attend!

We are also very pleased to announce that on that very Thursday, Villainous Lair will be debuting Smash Up/Munchkin EXCLUSIVELY before it hits Gen Con next week. See it here first before anyone else!

munchkin smashup

See it here first, gamers!

We are also pleased to announce something new for the Villainous Lair….something a little….darker…


That’s right, everyone! On Saturday July 25th, the amazing cast of Crazed Imaginations, legendary in San Diego, are doing a special show just for us! Starting at 11pm, we will be hosting them for a special screening and live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Dig out your fishnets, lace up your corsets, get ready to do the TimeWarp again!

Admission is $5 CASH ONLY, prop bags will also be available for $3.

Popcorn and beverages will also be available for sale for a nominal fee.

Costume contest WITH PRIZES will be awarded, so come ready!

Get ready to celebrate #HalloweenInJuly with the cast of Rocky and the crew of Villainous Lair!

Comic-Con 2015 Schedule!

Hello There Villains The Following is Schedule for shortened hours and special events going on during this our most festive time of year San Diego Comic-con.
Wednesday 10am to 8pm Closing Early for Preview Night. This means no D&D Encounters sorry adventurers we’ll see you next week.
Thursday 12pm to 8pm Today Starts our Comic-con Special. Starting today and going through the weekend Store Wide is 10% off *usual exclusions apply
Friday 12pm to 8pm Super Geeked Up Show Live at 7:30
Saturday 12pm to 8pm Magic The Gathering Origins Pre-Release Starting at 12pm
Sunday 12pm to 8pm Magic The Gathering Origins Pre-Release Starting at 12pm

Cosplay Prom!

Attention ALL COSTUMERS!! Tonight is the Villainous Lair Cosplay Prom! The shop will be closing at 5 P.M. and doors will reopen at 8 P.M.
Tickets are $10 a person or $15 for couple. You can purchase them during store hours or at the event tonight.
Must be 16 to attend, 21 to drink. ID’s will be required and a wristband will be issued. Anyone caught violating this will be removed from the dance without refund.
For more information please give us a call!

deadpool dress

Free RPG Day

Join us for Free RPG Day! Grab modules from your favourite games, and even snag some new ones to try! Games will be running throughout the day, the cost will be $5 per person, per session. Come in early to reserve a spot for a new game!

We hope you’ll join us for a fun day of RPG!

Help Return Brent Anderson’s work to him!


Hey all you awesome minions….we are asking a big favour of you.

We were contacted by Brent Anderson, artist for Astro City, The Astro City: Dark Age, and Rising Stars concerning some stolen artwork.

While the actual theft occurred a few years ago, the pieces have been resurfacing lately here in San Diego.

Just want some of you awesome eagle-eyed collectors to keep an eye out while you’re at fairs, garage sales, thrift stores, swap meets, etc. At the very least, share this post around to make sure as much of the community sees it as possible.

If you do happen to find a piece, Call this number on the flyer. There is a reward involved for the return of any art. Or you can turn it in to us here at the Lair and we’ll make sure it gets back to Mr. Anderson.

Thanks, everybody!