April 5th is the 2nd Annual International Tabletop Day!

Welcome to the second annual International Tabletop Day!  Your hosts, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day!

…Ok, not really….but this is their brainchild and it takes …

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We couldn’t have really kept this a secret if we had tried…word travels fast in this town of ours!

Villainous Lair Comics and Villainous Lair …

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~*Born of the Gods is almost upon us….*~

Check out this trailer while you gear up for the Pre-Release!  If you haven’t come in already to sign up for a flight, get to …

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Born of the Gods PRE-RELEASE EVENT!

Born of the Gods Logo

Continue on the Hero’s Path!  A Pre-Release Exclusive Event!


No longer content to walk the planes of the Multiverse seeking pleasure, the planeswalker Xenagos

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Be safe because we’d miss you if you were gone!

Tipsy Tow

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Ugly Sweater Party Aftermath!

We just wanted to thank everyone who turned out for our Ugly Sweater Holiday party on behalf of Stand Up 2 Cancer!  With your help, …

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~*Ringing in the New Year!*~

Another reminder!  We are going to be closing early  at both the comics and gaming locations on Tuesday, Dec. 31st for New Year’s Eve.  We

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~*Closed for the Holiday!*~

As of this posting, at 5pm on December 24th, Villainous Lair Comics and Villainous Lair Gaming are CLOSED for the holidays!  We are also closed …

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