Aether Revolt Pre-Orders are Open!


Aether Revolt Pre-orders are up and running!










Booster Boxes $100 FLAT!

Comes with the Bux-a-Box Promo Scrap Trawler, 1 per customer.








Bundles $40 FLAT!

Combos 1 Booster Box plus 1 Bundle $130 FLAT!

That’s right folks those are without sales tax!

Pre-orders will be open till the week before release so the last day to pre-order is Sunday January 15th!


New TCG Policies For The New Year!

Starting January 4th as we open doors for the first time in 2017 we will have several new Policies, Prices, and Products regarding our various TCG Games, including Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon!

New Buying Policies

We will now be buying Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh Singles every day that we are open from Noon (12pm) till 8pm.
We will purchase for store credit at 65% of TCG Player Market value rounded to the nearest dollar.

New Price for MTG Singles

Applies to all Un-Marked MTG Singles Cards
Basic Lands, Tokens & Commons (including Foils): 10 Cents
Uncommons (including Foils): 25 Cents
Rares & Mythic Rares (including Foils): 50 Cents

New Bulk Products Available

Bulk MTG or YGO 100 Count Box of Commons & Uncommons
Now Only $10!
Bulk 80 Count Box MTG Basic Land Packs
Now Only $5!
MTG Mini Modern Deck Builder 100 ct Box filled with Commons, Uncommons, Land and 1 Rare
Now Only $10!
YGO Five Packs: Five Random Yu-Gi-Oh Cards with one Guaranteed Rare
Now Only $2!
PKM 10 Packs: 10 Random Pokemon Cards all of a shared type
Now Only $2!
PKM Energy Packs: 5 Pokemon Energy Cards of a shared type
Now Only 50 Cents!
PKM Trainer Packs: 5 Pokemon Trainer Cards
Now Only 50 Cents!

New MTG Tournament Pricing

Constructed: $10
Drafts: $15
Sealed: $25

Day of Villainy 12 Tiamat’s Benevolence


Tiamat’s Benevolence

Post your selfie with Tiamat, our dragon in training, or any of the following Iconic Villainous installments, the TARDIS, Darth Vader, Harley or Poison Ivy, to Facebook Twitter or Instagram and tag Villainous Lair. Show us the post with the tag and receive 20% off regular priced items.